The Woman's Committee of the WWI Council of National Defense in the Midwest

jun 7

2:00 p.m.

GVSU, L.V. Eberhaard Center, 301 Fulton St. W., Grand Rapids MI 49504    map

MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR JUNE 7 - 10!  GGRWHC will offer one of the panel presentations.

The Midwestern History Association conference will return to Grand Rapids on June 7th, courtesy of GVSU Hauenstein Center sponsorship. The third meeting of this new organization will occur immediately before the national conference of a much older group, the Agricultural History Society, meeting here June 8-10. Both groups will highlight the agricultural and rural history of the American Midwest, as will a Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council panel engaging the AHS’s theme “Who is a farmer?” 

2:00 p.m. on June 7:  The Woman’s Committee of the WWI Council of National Defense in the Midwest

Organizer & Chair: Jo Ellyn Clarey, Greater Grand Rapids Women's History Council 

Paper #1:  “Creating 'An Army of Housewives': Woman's Committee Food Programs of World War I," Anita Anthony-VanOrsdal, Michigan State UniversityP

Paper #2:  “Hooverizing and Managing the Nation’s Women: The Example of Jasper County, Indiana,” Sue Caldwell, Director-At-Large of the Indiana Genealogical Society & Jasper County Genealogist for the IGS

Paper #3:  “Schoolyard Patriots: Municipal Housekeepers and Government in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” Jayson Otto, Aquinas College

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This panel will engage the Agricultural History Society’s question “Who is a farmer?” with specific examples of midwestern rural and urban women organized during wartime by the 1917 Woman’s Committee of the U.S. Council of National of Defense, a federal wartime agency charged with organizing the nation’s women for the war effort. In recent years information about the Woman's Committee of the CND and its state and local representatives has finally begun making its way into accounts of U.S. women’s history.