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Local Women in the news 100 years ago this Month

At the time the caption under the picture read: Women's Home and Hospital to be built on East Fulton.

The Grand Rapids News reported on June 12, 1915, that construction was about to commence on the Woman’s Home and Hospital, finally.  Several years earlier, Caroline Bertsch had donated the land on East Fulton just east of Carlton for this purpose. Plans had been drawn up and an artist’s rendition was pictured in the Grand Rapids Herald back on February 19, 1911.  The Women’s Home and Hospital, formed in the 1890s, was first located on 135 Bostwick NE, but they were out growing that space even with the1899 addition. 

And the Winner Is!

Americans have spoken: They want to see Harriet Tubman as the new face on the $20 bill.

Americans declared Harriet Tubman as the new face on our $20 bill. Right now, our currency is very male and very white. A grassroots campaign, called Women on 20s, hopes to change this perennial bias by starting an online petition to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

Women on 20s have held two rounds of voting. After the first round, there were four finalists: Tubman, Wilma Mankiller, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Rosa Parks. All extraordinary women, not just in their time, but in history. In the end Harriet Tubman won with 118,328 votes.