Michelle DeRose

Term Ends 2020

Michelle was elected to the board in 2017. She is a poet and poetry scholar who also has expertise in the slave narrative as a literary genre. Michelle has participated in several poetry readings in honor of Women’s History Month; she has also presented on multiple occasions at the national Women’s Studies Association and the Association for Research on Mothering conferences. She received a Ph.D in English from the University of Iowa and a BA from Calvin College. Michelle is a Professor of English, Director of the Honors Program, Coordinator of the Irish Studies Minor, and member of the Women’s Studies faculty at Aquinas College. She has served as the vice president of the West Michigan Women’s Studies Council.
As she joins the board of the GGWHC, Michelle notes that “Calling attention to the experiences and accomplishments of women is an ongoing project; it is crucial that women take the lead in highlighting and interpreting where we’ve been and where we are as we consider where we would like to go.”