Julie Tabberer

Vice President

Julie Tabberer, a board member since 2015, is the Local History Department supervisor with the Grand Rapids Public Library and has also worked with the archives of Davenport University, Steelcase, and Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park. She was the presenter of “Pushing Boundaries in Factories: The Berkey & Gay Girls in Wartime,” “Spirited Women: Grand Rapids and the Push for Temperance,” and “Speak up: All about Oral History.” Julie was new to the board in 2015 and is especially active in assisting the GGRWHC with its archival records and digital content management. Julie holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy and an MLIS from Wayne State University. Outside of her job, Julie has been active with the Creston Neighborhood Association.

Julie believes that “women are often absent from histories and stories about Grand Rapids, but it is not because they weren’t doing anything. Bringing out the hidden stories of local women enriches the story of our community and inspires us to shape our future in a more inclusive way.”