Initiating Women’s History Wednesdays!

Although GGRWHC’s programming to honor the 19th Amendment centennial has been interrupted by the coronavirus outbreak, we invite you to stick with us virtually into the foreseeable future. During the rest of 2020, we will not forget the centennial celebration; but we will widen our focus. Please stay tuned about August 26th’s HER VOICE HER VOTE! But, likely, we will persist with centennial celebration past the end of this year–when we sincerely hope to see you again in person!

For now, watch for Women’s History Wednesdays via our electronic newsletter (sign up here) and follow us on Facebook. We will offer a panoply of women’s history in bite-size pieces as well as fuller offerings in our monthly features in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine as well as in our hard-copy newsletter! Make sure our newsletter lands in your mailbox – click here to become a supporting member of GGRWHC!

Here’s a taste of Women’s History Wednesdays, which hit inboxes yesterday.

Union Benevolent Association Training School for Nurses

GGRWHC salutes health workers during our current crisis and gives a nod to the shoulders they stand on, the pioneering women of the past who took the lead in organizing institutions to care for the sick, the elderly, and the orphaned. Balancing benevolence and business sense, they undertook the development of local hospitals and nursing schools, here represented by the first graduating class in 1888 of the Union Benevolent Association Training School for Nurses. The UBA turned into Blodgett Hospital. Hats off!