March with us into Women’s History Month 2021!

Find full information on our March calendar about great virtual programming starting with the Kutsche Office kickoff opening the month to its ending at a celebratory program honoring our new web page Women Who Ran.

Be sure to catch the GGRWHC’s three main offerings—first, on March 24th, when Katelyn VerMerris takes a singular look at the paid labor and volunteer contributions of Grand Rapids women on the home front during World War I.

Women working the welding machine at the American Seating Company. Grand Rapids Herald, August 8, 1918.

On March 26th, celebrate the launch of Women Who Ran! A Grand Rapids Women’s Electoral History with a close look at a decade of upheaval, the 1910s. Grand Rapids women ran for public office in increasing numbers during this heady decade when they could leap onto any public stage they liked, even those of the Michigan State Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives!

“Women Voters: Five Women Are Candidates for State Offices.” Bay City Times, April 5, 1919.

Finally, on March 31st, join us for a fuller look at Grand Rapids women seeking Public office before the Nineteenth Amendment — and see how we can search 47 different women running 82 campaigns between 1887 and 1920 alphabetically, chronologically, by political office, occupation, marital status, reform activity, and party affiliation. Meet the local women running for City Comptroller and State Superintendent of Public Instruction in 1919 alone–and celebrate our new web page, Women Who Ran!