Women’s Equality Day with GGRWHC

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with GGRWHC! August 26, 2021

Help us to honor and continue the legacy of local women who progressed suffrage efforts and equal rights activism in our community by visiting the grave(s) of four women we are featuring for 2021.

This year, we will mark four gravesites with purple balloons to help you locate the four women we are featuring – see the suggested steps below to make the most of your visits!

  1. Visit our website page, “Here Lies a Suffragist,” for a full description of the event here: https://www.ggrwhc.org/here-lies-a-suffragist/
  2.  Please visit our new page this year for Garfield Park Cemetery to locate the gravesites of two more African American activists. Lillian Gill worked after the successful suffrage movement, but would have supported it. And the club life and public activism of Ethel Beverly Burgess suggests that she was a supporter. Meet them on the page here: https://www.ggrwhc.org/garfield-park-cemetery/
  3. For more information on the Comstock sisters and how to find their gravesites please visit the Fulton Street Cemetery page here: https://www.ggrwhc.org/fulton-street-cemetery/
  4. On August 26th, find the grave of one or more of our four featured suffragists and activists.
  5. Honor the individual’s grave with flowers, even a single stem, and record your visit by taking a photo of yourself and/or the decorated gravesite.
  6. Post your photo in the comments section of our Facebook post honoring the day. https://www.facebook.com/GGRWHC (If you do not use Facebook, please send it to our email address– [email protected])

WZZM’s 13 ON YOUR SIDE will run a short feature on the Comstock Sisters at 11:00 pm Wednesday, August 25th and throughout the day on the 26th. Look for the link of this feature on our Instagram and Facebook pages!

Note: Note: If you choose to leave any flowers, we will see that the graves are cleaned up later.

Thank you for participating!