Watch for more information: GGRWHC to Celebrate 30 Years!

During 2018 the GGRWHC will celebrate thirty years of existence and register afresh how past women’s experiences relate to present and to future goals. Among the Council’s first projects were research workshops and a conference, which showed off how much had been uncovered in the early years. Soon city-wide celebrations called Legacy involved dozens of local organizations, representing the arts, education, health care, business, labor, and religion, to help uncover data and  highlight what had already been found.

For nearly thirty years the Council has recruited and trained researchers, encouraged donations to local archives, distributed bibliographies on area women’s history, digitized materials for broader dissemination, and developed creative programming to spread information about the early accomplishments of female scientists, attorneys, journalists, even reformed courtesans. Five years ago at a quarter century, it took stock and published a brief summary history, which you can find on this website.

Learn more about the history of GGRWHC here.